How to choose tents for tourism?

By Senshu |

Leisure tents can also be called family tents, referring to tents used in ordinary travel, camping and outings. Because it is an ordinary travel and play, it is necessary to travel according to the weather conditions, and generally avoid bad cold weather such as rain and snow. This kind of tent is usually used less frequently, and has low requirements for the environment when it is used. Generally, it is not often used for outdoor overnight.

This kind of tent is the most commonly used tent in our daily family travel. It has basic protective properties such as windproof, rainproof, sunscreen, and mosquito prevention. It is easy to install, light in weight and portable. It is also the mainstream tent on the market at present.

Leisure tents are also divided into two categories: one is with certain camping protection performance, which is occasionally used overnight in travel and play, called "camping tents". The first is the most basic use performance. It doesn't need to spend the night in the wild, but only needs to rest and have a picnic when it comes. It is called "park tent".

① . Camping tent

For families who often like to travel, they will generally be equipped with a tent with certain protective performance. For people who drive, go on field trips, and occasionally go camping overnight, the performance of the camping tent is enough. When choosing this kind of common camping tent, we should consider the comprehensive indicators of safety, stability and comfort.

After all, it should be used occasionally to "encampment". It is impossible to go out and the weather will suddenly change one day. Therefore, certain performance is still required. The waterproof index of the family camping tent reaches 2000MM, which is enough to cope with ordinary rainfall.

After all, families will avoid rainy nights when camping outdoors, so the weatherproof function of the tent is not the most important. Exposure to sunlight and humidity will reduce comfort. Therefore, it is important to consider whether to carry out anti-ultraviolet treatment, whether it uses quick-drying fabrics, and how to ventilate and ventilate.

② Park tent

When we are on the grass in the park, do we have a very happy feeling when we see a family set up a tent and put on a mat on the grass, a family of adults and children sitting together, eating food prepared in advance, and children playing in the tent?

Yes, it's very pleasant to have a picnic in the park. The tents you see in the park are basically park tents, also called portable leisure tents. This kind of tent is often the lightest and can be carried easily and lightly without a car.

People who use this kind of tent to play in the park will encounter almost zero weather conditions, so it is not necessary to consider how strong the rain-proof and wind-proof performance is, and the waterproof can reach an ordinary 800MM. It is important to consider whether the weight is convenient to carry, whether the installation is fast and simple, how the air permeability is, how fast to open and close in a few seconds, and low price are also the characteristics of this kind of tent.